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GHP loves to be involved in the cultural activities that take place in its city. And this one really moves us. Greenhouse Project is an official sponsor of this twice-a-year film festival, directed by Marcin Gajewski, that shows International and local films united by a single subject that will change at each edition. The subject for its part one is architecture. The Festival will be held on April 23rd & 24th 2011 at the Dutch Design Work Space in Shanghai.

GHP has participated in the Festival in different ways, designing the official activity program booklet, official poster and the video header for night time and day time. Of course, GHP will also be there helping to manage the event and having a great time.

January 10
Anticipation Literacy
Living History of Design
Alex Caparros Creations
Cold Hunter // Electroboy
December 09
Ambient Experimentation
Inside Lam Pei’s World
Photographic Drive-By
Cold Hunter // RetroBites
November 09
A Curator’s Task
Cambodian Rock
MuFurniture’s Night Out
Cold Hunter // Different Times